Union and Olympic
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Welcome to 4,000 SQ Ft of Stoner Fun in the most convenient part of Los Angeles. Four blocks from the Staples Center!  This sprawling 7 bedroom bud and breakfast creates a safe environment to explore the wonderful world of cannabis.   Meet new, like minded friends from around the globe.  Enjoy tours, book massages or even take a private driver out for the day!  Cannabis chef,  complimentary maid service and cannabis sponsor gift bags upon entry.

Massive, 4,000 Sq Ft Home (8,000 sq ft including outdoor space- for weekend parties), totally furnished down to the finest detail, with front, gated garden, free laundry, bonus spaces and ...palm tree views, from several bedrooms! 7 unique, Anthropologie-esque decorated bedrooms with wood floors.

4 queen sized beds, 3 full sized, plus 4 sleeper sofas and chairs; fireplace, desks in every bedroom, huge walk-in closets, two separate entrances